Economic contribution

  • Exports of €1.095 billion in 2013 based on CSO data.
  • Trade surplus in beverages of €370 million in 2013.
  • Beverages exports are 1.5 times imports.
  • High domestic content in alcohol exports.
  • Alcohol export performance high by international standards
  • Substantial potential to increase alcohol exports and to diversify markets.
  • Global growth of Irish whiskey sales has been excellent in recent years.
  • 67 % of Irish beer market supplied domestically.
  • 42 % of Irish spirits market supplied domestically.
  • 86 % of Irish cider market supplied domestically.
  • The drinks industry is committed to realising the targets of Harvest 2020.

Exchequer contribution:
  • €2.142 billion in excise and VAT in 2013.
  • €1002 million excise receipts in 2013.
  • €1,140 million estimated alcohol VAT receipts in 2013.
  • Income and profits tax revenues.
  • PRSI receipts.

Drinks Manufacturers:
  • Pay €217 million annually in wages and salaries according to latest CSO data.
  • Pays €311 million in total labour costs.
  • Buys €901 million worth of materials for processing annually.
  • Buys €33 million of industrial services.
  • Buys €587 million of non-industrial services such as, information technology and telecommunications, security, advertising, cleaning, maintenance, accounting and insurance and other services.
  • Excluding goods bought for resale without processing, has a total of €1.558 billion in purchases.
  • Has invested over €80 million in 2010 and will invest over €450 million over the next few years.
  • Uses 46,000 tonnes of apples in production, 160,000 tonnes of barley and malted barley and over 300 million litres of milk.
  • Has a high domestic sourced content in purchases of 62% in services and 42% in materials leading to a combined almost €800 million in domestic service and materials purchases.
  • This domestic content greatly exceeds the domestic content levels of the high technology sectors, e.g., domestic services purchased by the chemicals sector are only 8% of their total purchases.

The retail /wholesale/on/off sectors
  • Pay a wage and salaries bill of €626 million and a total personnel cost of €690 million based on latest CSO data for retail sector.
  • Buy food inputs valued at €243 million.
  • Spend €583 million on other services and materials apart from food and drink.
  • Invested €67 million in 2010.
  • Have retail sales of about €7 billion including food.