ABFI calls on Government to enter into consultation with process with drinks industry to address alcohol misuse

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

In advance of the Government considering an action plan to implement proposals emanating from the National Substance Misuse Strategy Group, ABFI recently wrote to a number of Cabinet Ministers asking them to enter into a consultation process with the drinks industry on this important issue. ABFI played a full and constructive role in the National Substance Misuse Steering Group for two years. While ABFI supported the overwhelming majority of the recommendations, the industry has long-standing objections to further restrictions on advertising and sponsorship along with proposals on levies and taxation.

ABFI stated that in the context of Ireland already having extremely high taxes and one of the most regulated environments in the world for alcohol sale and marketing, the current recommendations would unnecessarily penalise this key sector of the economy without any clear public health benefit. ABFI called on Government to engage with the industry to identify solutions to these key issues.

A copy of the letter (10th July 2012) is available below.