Alochol volumes down by 4.4% in past year

Friday, 17 May 2013

“The imminent Alcohol Bill in its current form will not address the important issue of alcohol misuse.” - ABFI
New figures from the Revenue Commissioners show that alcohol volumes in Ireland have declined by 4.4% in the past 12 months, continuing a trend of falling consumption levels evident since 2001. Analysis of the revenue figures is contained in a paper by Anthony Foley of Dublin City University Business School in which he compares the Revenue Commissioners’ alcohol clearances data for Q1 of this year with the figures for the same time in 2012. Overall, alcohol average consumption in Ireland has declined by 20% in the past 12 years.
Kathryn D’Arcy, Director of Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland said:
“These figures are particularly relevant in the context of the Alcohol Bill on which the Department of Health is currently working. Consumption of alcohol in Ireland has been declining for over a decade; the idea that all Irish people drink to excess is simply not the case. The reality is that the majority of people in this country consume alcohol in a moderate, responsible manner - in a manner that is entirely compatible with a healthy lifestyle and in line with European norms.
“The Alcohol Bill that is currently being drafted is set to contain a series of nanny-state measures that are anti-job, that undermine the public’s common sense, and critically will not work to address the important issue of alcohol misuse.
“The industry which I represent is very concerned that this pending well-intentioned, but ill-advised legislation will do irreparable damage to a vital national industry and will do little to achieve any of the desired outcomes. The reality is that restricting advertising and sponsorship delivers good soundbytes but will not have a long-term impact on actualising cultural change.”
The author of the report, Anthony Foley, commented on the revenue figures stating that: “Beer had a small increase of 1.4% while the other three beverages all declined, cider by 13.6%, spirits by 13.4% and wine by 6.6%.”
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