Irish beer producers commit to providing ingredient and energy values on the labels

Thursday, 13 June 2019

New EU commitment will see information being rolled out by 2022

Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland (ABFI), the representative body for drinks manufacturers and suppliers in Ireland, has committed to sign a European-wide Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will provide consumers with clear information regarding ingredients and energy values on labels.

The MoU will be signed by ABFI and the sector’s European trade association, Brewers of Europe, in September, formalising their commitment to provide this information on all beer bottles and cans in the EU by 2022.

Over the last four years many brewers, including in the Irish market, have been voluntarily rolling out ingredients and energy labelling. Across Europe 60% of beers sold have calorie information, while 85% already carry an ingredients list.

EU Health Commissioner Andriukaitis has welcomed the commitment by brewers to provide ingredient and energy values.

Patricia Callan, Director of ABFI said:

“The drinks industry is committed to providing consumers with meaningful, relevant information that helps them make responsible decisions. Today’s development demonstrates a strong commitment by brewers in Ireland and across the EU to provide ingredient and energy values, with ambitious timelines for delivery.

“This MoU, which will be signed officially in September, follows significant engagement between industry and the European Commission, demonstrating the benefits of a collaborative approach.

“This collaborative approach at EU level is the best way to ensure consumers get the information they need in the most effective and efficient way, further empowering them when making purchasing choices. Our industry is proud of the products it makes and this ground-breaking commitment highlights the role we can play to inform consumers and help governments and regulators meet their policy goals”.