New report shows that Ireland is 7th biggest exporter of beer in Europe

Monday, 9 December 2019

Ireland was the 7th biggest exporter of beer in Europe last year, with exports valued at €268 million.

This is according to ‘European Beer Trends’, an international report which compares the performance of the beer industry across Europe, released by the Brewers of Europe.

We export more beer than Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Austria.

The report also shows that 64% of beer in Ireland is consumed in the on-trade, which includes pubs, hotels and restaurants, compared with 36% in the off-trade.

Ireland ranks third in Europe when it comes to the percentage of beer consumed in the on-trade, highlighting the importance of the pub for Irish beer consumers and tourists alike.

The contribution of the beer industry to Ireland’s economy is also highlighted in the report, which shows that excise duty revenues increased by 1.4% to €430 million between 2017 and 2018.

Around 1,100 people are directly employed by the beer industry here.

Head of Drinks Ireland|Beer Jonathan McDade said:

“Ireland’s beer industry is going from strength to strength, holding its own on the global stage against other major European beer producers.

“This is due to innovation which is increasingly common within the sector here. From low and non-alcohol beer options, to new flavours and tastes, to a plethora of new craft players in the market, our beer industry has shown an ability to be agile to compete around the world.”