Codes training

The codes to which the alcohol industry in Ireland are committed are numerous and comprehensive. They are complicated and intricate but effective. There is no point having these codes if everyone - especially those working directly with them - do not fully understand them and believe in both their letter and spirit.

That is why Drinks Ireland became the first organisation in the world to launch a coordinated effort to help marketing personnel understand the many codes to which they must adhere by providing a special one day training course designed to bring marketing practitioners fully up to speed on both the letter and the spirit of the codes. The training, launched in 2008, uses examples of advertising that was once acceptable but no longer adheres to the rules as well as samples of commercial activity that is acceptable - and explains why.

Attendees are given full instruction on what to do and what not to do when devising advertising and promotions for alcohol brands both in terms of the content of the commercials and when they should be placed in the schedule.

Personnel are also given a full briefing on why the codes are in place, the importance of responsibility to our industry as well as society in general and the need to observe the spirit of the codes in order to ensure a sustainable future for the drinks industry.

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