Statement from Drinks Ireland on advertising measures in the Alcohol Act being introduced today

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Patricia Callan Director of Drinks Ireland said:

“Overall, we support the objectives of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act, to tackle alcohol misuse and underage drinking. We believe that measures introduced should be proportionate, evidence-based and effective.

“As an industry, we are committed to the effective implementation and full compliance with the advertising measures in the Alcohol Act being introduced today (November 12th).

“We have a proven track record of implementing positive change in this space. Since 2003, the drinks industry has proudly adhered to some of the strictest advertising codes in the world for both content and volume of alcohol advertising.

“Taken together, they meant that, among other things, no alcohol advertising can appeal directly to young people. They also meant that no outdoor advertisement for alcohol could be placed within 100 metres of a school or youth group. Additionally, no alcohol advertising or branding could appear on children’s clothing.

“This is reflected positively in consumption figures, which show that since 2001, the average per adult alcohol consumption has fallen by 23.2% in Ireland.[1] Additionally, the latest figures show that alcohol consumption among teenagers went from 12.7% in 2002 to 4.1% in 2014. This figure (4.1%) is well below the European average of 12.9%.[2]

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1. CSO and the Revenue Commissioner data
2. World Health Organisation