About us

Drinks Ireland | Irish Whiskey was established in 2014 and currently comprises 37 member companies involved in the Irish whiskey industry from across the island of Ireland.

The mission of the Association is:
To protect, promote and represent the Irish Whiskey category, in Ireland and globally; in order to secure the position of Irish Whiskey as one of the world’s leading spirit categories.

The current Drinks Ireland | Irish Whiskey work plan sets-out the following objectives:

1. To protect the integrity and high-standards of the Irish Whiskey category by securing and enforcing the strongest possible legal protection for the Irish Whiskey category name and Geographic Indication.

2. To support the continuing sustainability of the Irish whiskey industry; including lobbying for a supportive regulatory environment and representing the industry on matters relating to the Technical & Verification files.

3. To promote the Irish whiskey category in Ireland and globally; and to lobby for trade policies that support more growth in more markets.

4. To promote the development of Irish whiskey tourism with a view to growing the number of Irish and international visitors to Irish whiskey distilleries and brand homes.

5. To ensure that all Irish whiskey producers, particularly new-entrants to the category, have access to knowledge and guidance on best practice and innovation to support the production of high-quality Irish whiskey.

6. To ensure a favourable environment for small businesses operating within the Irish whiskey industry.

7. To represent the Irish whiskey industry and to effectively communicate our objectives, policy positions and contribution to decision-makers, influencers, stakeholders and the public.

Chairman: David Stapleton, Managing Director, The Connacht Whiskey Company