Irish Whiskey

Friday, 9 October 2015

There are now 32 new or planned Irish whiskey distilleries across Ireland

Irish Whiskey Association welcomes official opening of Connacht Whiskey Company
9th October 2015- The Irish Whiskey Association has welcomed the official opening of the Connacht Whiskey Company stating that it will be good for jobs, tourism and the local economy in Mayo. The Association said that it is also a sign that broader growth in the sector has taken a firm hold across the country. In 2013, there were four distilleries in Ireland in operation producing and selling Irish whiskey and there are now 32 new or proposed distilleries across Ireland.

Earlier this year, the Irish Whiskey Association, which includes the Connacht Whiskey Company, launched a ‘Vision for Irish Whiskey’, a strategy document to support sustainable growth in the sector.
Irish whiskey industry facts and growth projections:
      Employment to grow by 30% by 2025, from 5000 to 6500

      Whiskey tourism to increase from 600,00 p.a to 800,000 in the medium term

      Annual exports are now worth over €300m, up 220% since 2003

      Exports are set to double by 2020, double again by 2030

      Exports to 77 markets: global market share to grow by 300% by 2030 from 4% to 12%

      The EU (43%) and US (45.5%) markets dominate for exports of Irish whiskey.

      Within the EU Latvia (10%) is the largest export destination (as a re-sale destination for Russia and the Baltic countries) just ahead of Germany (7.4%), France (6.4%) and the UK (4.9%).

      2010-2025: investment of over €1.1bn, production to rise by 41%

      Domestic spend of €350m annually, supporting farming families

Miriam Mooney, Head of the Irish Whiskey Association said:
“Having been distilled in Ireland since the 6th century, Irish whiskey is one of the oldest spirit drinks in Europe. It is a premium product that can only be made on the island of Ireland. The existing players have driven the global renaissance in Irish whiskey and now it is the fastest growing spirits category in the world. Irish whiskey has carved out its own niche in the global spirits market, relying on the traditional craft of Irish distilling and authentic heritage, underpinned by high-quality whiskey with a distinctive taste and broad appeal.
“In the last decade, the category grew by almost 200%. The potential is massive when we compare Ireland to Scotland, with over 130 Scottish distilleries in operation, bringing investment and employment into rural areas.”